Buzz Building

My buzz building techniques would be hosting a reality show on TV about the owner and the homemade food, I would also would use Facebook as a buzz builder by teasing people about what Molly’s Diner sells. The net buzz builder would be samples of desserts and some of the main dishes. The buzz builders mentioned above apply to my small business by bring in more customers and non locals. People like tasting sample statistics shown in this article

This is how I would build the hype for my small business as well as using Facebook pages or groups.


Molly’s Diner

Opportunity Pitch

Molly’s Diner needs a new plan because by the looks of their Facebook page, not many people know about them. They also don’t post much on the page. Molly’s Diner is a great place and could really use the “publicity”.

Social Media Assessment

Molly’s Diner currently has a Facebook page. Their page has 206 likes and has not been used since March 21st 2014. As far as I know, they do not have an Instagram or a Twitter account. Molly’s Diner has a typical audience of family and locals. They have been in business since 2010. This local business is the only “Dine In” restaurant in Elizabeth that serves homemade meals. It is ran by a local family, who are really nice people. As most people would say, Elizabeth is the kind of town where if you blink your eyes, you’ve already drove through, missing everything. It is very easy to pass up Molly’s if you are not familiar with the town.


This was their last post


3 Objectives:

  • Gain 300 likes on their Facebook page in 3 months
  • Have someone frequently update the page
  • Expand their networking by creating an Instagram and a Twitter

Privacy on the Internet

Personally, I don’t think privacy really exists on the internet anymore. Even if our profiles on certain sites is “Private” there is still other ways around people finding out information. I feel this way because even with my Facebook profile being “Friends Only”, I still have people following me, which allows them to see all my posts and information.

The First Amendment and the Net

There are several websites that are currently suing several individuals for their use of the first amendment. These people are being sued by the websites for their criticism towards these companies’ products. The customers on these sites that use freedom of speech are the main reason for these lawsuits. The defendants on this site may find it less expensive to just remove their posts/reviews and “die down” their criticism towards the companies or even stay silent.

With this being said, the First Amendment isn’t really supported on the internet, like we think that it is.

My Facebook Experiment

I chose to be the “Facebook Like Terrorist”. I went through my friends list, and chose a family friend to use for the experiment. I went through her posts all the way back to the beginning of July and liked every single one of them and waited for a reaction. Not too long after liking all of the posts, I got a reaction.


The reaction I got was not what I was expecting. As usual, most reactions would have been negative. The reaction I received was positive. She thought of me liking all of her posts as something funny.

I somewhat didn’t feel comfortable going through her Facebook page. Personally, I really don’t like it when people go through my profile and like all of my posts.

Dolly Parton’s Performance at the Dustin Wells Foundation

Dolly Parton recently performed for the Dustin Wells Foundation to help raise money for the cause. The Dustin Wells Foundation is  a type of charity to help support underprivileged kids with the opportunity to attend music classes. The foundation also raises money to help fund building of a cottage at Dustin’s old summer camp, Hy-Lake Christian Camp.

I believe that her performance for this event and donating money for the cause is fantastic because the cause is something I support.